Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Untold story : SyAAF & RuAF joint air squadron

In 12 April 2016 two Russian pilots Andrey Okladnikov and Viktor Pankov lost their life when their Syrian helicopter was shot down according to the Russian MoD
this claims have been denied by many who claimed the helicopter was Russian not Syrian ,while others ID the helicopter as a SyAAF Mi-25 .

In a recent info we receive including the photo below we find out that both opinion were wrong !

according to our information the RuAF and SyAAF since early 2016 founded a joint air squadron with the task of training SyAAF and providing close air support if needed for SAA troops .
the squadron that consists of at least 4 Mi-24p helicopters based in T4 AB ,all the helicopters in the squadron are with RuAF and SyAAF numbers and marking like the one above
with the RuAF 30 yellow serial number ,and SyAAF 2861 serial number and SyAAF logo .
as we said the main task is to train new Syrian pilots ,something the Syrian Air Force Academy become incapable of after a long siege.
however this squadron also provided SAA with close air support against ISIS around Palmyra where one of the helicopters was lost .
Syrian and Russian crews fly such mission separately or sometimes even a joint crew on the same helicopter .
such Russian aid was never announced although it can be recognized as any other form of training ,we can't say the helicopters are now owned by the SyAAF but we believe it will be one day .


  1. Assigning a serial # 2861 is logic since the top serial of SyAAF Mi-25s is 2860 (SyAAF got 61 units of this helicopter) so the other 3 should be 2862, 63 & 64.
    Great info and Happy Birthday new blog ;)

  2. That is interesting, it may explain the recent RuAF heli accident in Homs Province, used for CAS while training Syrian pilots. Thank you for the info, keep them coming please.

  3. Thanks for providing good information,Thanks for your sharing.