Monday, May 22, 2017

ISIS tanks from the "Workshop" to the "Farm"

Today we take a look inside ISIS famous tank "Workshop" ,the photos sources is the mobile phone of an ISIS fighter who was killed in eastern Palmyra week ago ,he was one of the main workers in the "Workshop" and later in the "Farm" !

We start with the famous T-72av with the ISIS flag

Inside the workshop ,T-72 in the back T-55 with the North Korean FCS will be upgraded by ISIS to a T-55 "Ghost"
That T-72 got a very "clean"  engine

A Jaish Al-Islam T-72Ural !

Nothing is wasted in the "Workshop" !

Detailed look at ISIS T-72 with serial number "329"

A detailed look at ISIS T-72 "Ghost" with serial number "311",from the workshop to the field

 Many ISIS T-55 in various stages during it's upgrade to "Ghost" inside the "Workshop" ,the material that cover the top is thick natural leather ,an attempt to make the tanks stealth facing thermal cameras .

Possible 125mm M88 HEAT round captured from SAA ammo depots northeast Palmyra

on the phone found we found what appears to be an info-graph about T-55\62\72 rounds ,most interesting thing was that ISIS identified the 100mm 3UBK10M round with the guided 9M117M missile as a "illuminating round" !

another interesting round is the possible 125mm M88 HEAT

and the 125mm BM44 APFSDS-T
many other 100\115\125mm rounds for T-55\62\72

The "Workshop" ammo depot !

After the workshop got hit twice at least ,some tanks were moved to a new place ,a "Farm"
we see the Famous ISIS T-72av ,another T-72av , 3 T-72Ural ,and one T-55

Another big surprise a Tank-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (TBIED) ,ISIS used such TBIEDs ,but this one got the turret on ! we were able to ID it as a T-55 thanks to the commander sight.

And we end up with the famous ISIS T-72av ,but destroyed in eastern Palmyra.

Special thanks to my friend Abu Bareah from the Millitary Media .